Show Hidden Stats (such as # of Gang Missions completed, or Total Money Gambled)

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  1. Show Hidden Stats v0.1
    Created by nclok1405


    === IMPORTANT ===
    This mod is now part of SuperUI mod. If you are using SuperUI mod DO NOT INSTALL THIS STANDALONE MOD!

    === Description ===
    This mod makes hidden statistics visible, such as Total Money Gambled, or total number of Human Shields taken.

    * Many hidden stats such as "People Streaked" are idential to ones available in other menus such as Activities/Diversions.

    * Most hidden stats were named "None" and I had to make labels for some of them. The following ones are shown in English regardless of SR2's language:
    Game Percent Complete
    Barnstorming - Best Rating
    Hitman - Cash Earned
    Big Air - Longest Fall
    Big Air - Best Flip
    Big Air - Best Roll
    Big Air - Best Spin
    Vehicle Surfing - Longest Handstand Time
    Zombie Uprising - High Score
    Brotherhood Missions Completed
    Ronin Missions Completed
    Sons of Samedi Missions Completed
    Co-op: Brotherhood Missions Completed
    Co-op: Ronin Missions Completed
    Co-op: Sons of Samedi Missions Completed
    Total Money Gambled

    * Stats that are normally shown as Diversion Stars are shown here in numeric values.
    0:No Stars
    1:Bronze *
    2:Bronze **
    3:Bronze ***
    4:Silver *
    5:Silver **
    6:Silver ***
    7:Gold *
    8:Gold **
    9:Gold ***

    * There are stats for Co-op diversions Death Tag, Cat and Mouse, and "Co-op Metagame" but I'm unsure if these are actually tracked.

    === Install ===
    To install, place "stats.xtbl" file to optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE folder in Gentlemen of the Row mod folder.
    Then execute "Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat", create a patch (P), and copy everything inside the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to your Saints Row 2 installation folder.

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