Shiny clothes for the main character

1. What does this mod do?
2. Screenshots
3. Install the mod
4. Compatibility
5. Following clothes are currently available
6. Update 20121126
7. Credits

1. What does this mod do?
This mod changes the specular settings in the .ccmesh_pc files of a particular set of clothing, so they appear shiny ingame.

2. Screenshots:
Click the screenshots to enlarge them

screenshot_01.png screenshot_02.png screenshot_03.png screenshot_04.png

3. Install the mod:
See "README.RTF" in your download.

NOTE: For the gamers who like the use this mod along with Mikado 's Steelport Gangs DLC fixes, follow the next steps:
● Search at the SteelportGangFix mod for the "dlc2_customize_item.asm_pc"
● Copy that file to my mod at following location and click yes to overwrite: ...\srtt leatherlook 20121126\Installer\shine_clothes\2_asm_dlc2\
● From now on if you create some dlc shiny clothes with the batch installer, it should work fine with the steelport gangs fix

4. Compatibility:
This mod can conflict with other mods that make use of following file: "customize_item.asm_pc" (and "dlc2_customize_item.asm_pc" if you 're using the shiny dlc clothing)
It has been confirmed (at message #75) that this mod might cause glitches in coop mode.

5. Following clothes are currently available:
See "currently available clothing.txt" in attachment.

6. Update 20121126:
Following clothes have been added:
21st century jeans, all my love thong, barely there saints g string, be my valentine g string, beach bandeau, bondage pants, brite and tite thong, broken heart, captain's pants, cowgirl style, disco fever shirt, fleur de lis logos, funtime! g string, glam girl, golfer pants, hipster jeans, hot pink low rise, kickstand pants, lovestruck, neon jungle, party time thong, saint of saints bra, saints gone wild g string, scandalous saints thong, spider bite, time to get wet swim bottom, touch my heart, tough chick, truly venomous
Update 20121126 (Addon) :
Adds the files for the safeword pants which were missing in the last update.

7. Credits:
Many thanks to:
Volition, for creating Saints Row The Third;

Gibbed, for Gibbed 's SR3 Tools;

Minimaul, for "" and the recursive package extractor;

IdolNinja, for creating the fantastic batch installer especially for this mod;

Scanti, for the SR3 texture utilities;

Redrage, for his efforts in creating a similar mod for SR2.
Without it, I would have never come to the idea to try the same in SR3.


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Excuse me sir since you are the owner of this mod, do you have a complete premade/user friendly to install for this mods i try it it seems that the Gib extractor got some problems for now i think and thanks for this awesome mods.

[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
I somehow missed this thread until now, and WOW. Those clothes look fantastic. Really nice work putting these all together. Looking forward to trying them out (especially since I recently watched my Matrix bluray set.) ;)

Also, looking at your note in the OP, you really don't need to worry about filesize when uploading mods. You could have also archived and attached all the packed str2_pc files plus the asm_pc to make things a little easier for users who aren't technically proficient.
Wow ! thanks superdemus and IdolNinja. I dnt have technically proficient so waiting for full-user-friendly to install this mods :)
I 've just uploaded an updated version. One that 's full (or at least more) user friendly. It 's just the “customize_item.asm_pc” that is a pain in the !!!!
With every clothing item that you add/remove, that file needs to be updated to prevent a game crash.

I 've provided several versions of the “customize_item.asm_pc”, more is explained in my first post.
I hope this helps ;)