Share Your Unreleased SRIV Mods (Pictures)

Urge to share, but not release?

I have created this thread so "modders" can share pictures of their unreleased texture mods or any mod that makes a visible difference to the game (example: weapon animation, tattoos). This is so you can share your work, help each other find modifiable files, or find out whether people are interested in your mod.

Do not forget this is all for fun. Go crazy.

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Blackened "Guardsman AR", Blackened "BG-40", Blackened "Cumia Magnum", Blackened and goldened "Tombstone Special", Purple-ized "Cumia Tiger", Purple and silverized "Cyborg Pistol".

SaintsRowIV 2017-02-26 19-29-39.png SaintsRowIV 2017-02-26 19-29-26.png SaintsRowIV 2017-02-26 19-29-21.png SaintsRowIV 2017-02-17 15-17-37.png SaintsRowIV 2017-02-12 11-45-04.png SaintsRowIV 2017-02-12 11-45-00.png
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