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  1. Hidden Sr2 middle-finger animation? This happen when my character is drunk by pressing the key - sandbox+, I go there and get this. there's few more hidden animations too like SR2 neck slice, the rest i dont remember the names tho. SRTTR 2020-07-08 16-47-45-378.jpg
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  2. Singa

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    10204349323278286848_20200627030348_1.png 10204349323278286848_20200627030400_1.png
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  3. vlcsnap-2020-07-08-23h11m01s120 (2).png
    "The body of Mr. Gat will be a message for all who oppose The Syndicate. There is no mercy...only death. Don't mourn your friend. You'll be joining him soon."
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  4. SRTTR 005.png
    Pierce: "What just happened?"
    Playa: "Shaundi had a good idea."
    Pierce: "What-the-fuck-ever, she stole min-"
    Shaundi: "Don't be jealous Pierce, we're all on the same team."

    "Pick up the controller, pick it up, pick up the controller D:"
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  5. Edit: more screenshot after this.

    Genki's are everywhere andBoss sudden reads a newspaper
    One of the shots looked as boss is getting eating by a zombie genkis.

    SRTTR 2020-07-31 23-22-41-516.jpg SRTTR 2020-07-31 23-35-38-000.jpg SRTTR 2020-07-31 23-45-15-809.jpg SRTTR 2020-08-01 00-10-12-359.jpg SRTTR 2020-08-01 00-16-19-240.jpg SRTTR 2020-08-01 00-20-04-362.jpg

    SRTTR 2020-07-31 19-21-06-158.jpg SRTTR 2020-07-31 19-23-40-138.jpg SRTTR 2020-07-31 19-27-22-230.jpg
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  6. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    10204349323278286848_20200808014805_1.png 10204349323278286848_20200808014809_1.png
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  7. [​IMG]
    I happened to find this Cool Easter Egg in my game. The Concerned Citizen is the default Male Boss from Saints Row 4~ <3 He even has on the president suit and has the fleur de lis tattoo on his neck, not sure why he's wearing a bowler hat however XD but still this is such an awesome Easter Egg :D
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