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  1. So I decided to create this thread with the intent to give us a place to share our characters, since the official means to do so ceased to exist, and i hope you guys like the idea!

    I need to say that there are three rules for this thread:
    1. Only post the values you changed: If you didn't changed the values for you character's chin, then there is no need to post the default values his/hers chin has.
    2. Post at least 2 pictures of your character: One face shot, and one whole body shot.
    3. Feel free to add extra info: Character name? Backstory? Go ahead and talk more about your character.
    Okay, so I'll begin with SRIV characters:

    Those are the customization values for Lazy;

    is a Polandese Tank Commander... from Polandia, you know! that country in Europe, next to Germania...


    Eyeball Spacing 17
    Eyebal size ZERO
    Iris size 75

    Spacing 15
    Elevation 80
    Width 80

    Spacing ZERO

    Elevation 10
    Tip depth 70
    Tip elevation 70
    Nostril elevation 80

    Width 15
    Lower Lip Middle size 30
    Side size ZERO

    Skin: Caucasian 1
    Hair: Tight Pony (Black)
    Brow: Thick Feminine (Black)
    Tattoo: Upper Right Arm - "Time to Soar"

    Customization values for Zombie Queen;

    Zombie Queen
    used to be a woman who was under treatment for a rare disease, she was experiented on over and over until she became a special form of zombie. She can control zombie hordes, has enhanced agility and strenght.


    Large Scar 1
    Large Scar 2
    Large Scar 3
    Large Scar 4

    Inner brow height 6
    Middle brow height 3
    Outer 26

    Eyeball spacing 9
    Eyeball height 34
    Eyeball size 9
    Iris Size 48
    Eyestyle 27
    Color= White

    Temple depth 40
    Cheeckbones spacing 67
    Cheeck space 75

    Elevation 18
    Nostril Spacing 40
    Nostril elevation 75

    Style 74

    Spacing 75
    Height 40

    Hair: "The Barrios"
    Skin: Frozen Blue
    Sex Appeal: 59
    Build= Strenght 62%, Fat 6%
    Make Up: Eyeliner- Smokey (Black), Lip Gloss-Dark Grey/"The one before black"

    P.S: Feel free to post characters from all Saints Row games- SR1, SR2, SRIII, SRIV! (Just specify from which game comes the character you're posting)

    To the Admin: If there is already a place to share characters, that is unknown to me, please tell me. I thought this was the right place to do so, since I wanted to cover all games of the series.
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  2. I made an anime-style cyberpunk girl. She began as a re-creation of Gina, a sniper from God Eater 2 (because Gina wore purple and had a Third Street Saints symbol on her chest: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....064/DBFD8BC9261691E2C8E88199DE638026F73C19AF/) but I chose to make her an original character named Jun. My vision for Jun actually exists *outside* the Saints Row universe, as a scavenger and seller of banned AI technology that was banned because the AIs were more objective than human leaders and the human leaders do not want to lose their grip on humanity.



    As Gina

    Skinny: 61
    Strength: 6
    Skin: Caucasian 1

    Skull Top Width & Height: 64
    Skull Back Width & Depth: 64
    Neck Back Depth & Width: 32

    Forehead Depth & Height: 80
    Forehead Width: 64

    Brow Spacing & Depth: 40
    Brow Width: 40
    Inner Brow Height: 40
    Middle Brow Height: 64
    Outer Brow Height: 64

    Eyeball Spacing, Depth, Height & Size: 56
    Eye Folds Height: 40
    Upper Eyelids Height: 56
    Lower Eyelids Height: 56
    Iris Size & Style: 64

    Eye Color: Red

    Ear Spacing, Depth & Elevation: 64
    Ear Width & Length: 32
    Ear Height & Angle: 56
    Ear Openess, Angle: 40
    Lobe Height: 40
    Lobe Size: 56
    Tip Spacing, Height & Size: 56

    Temple Spacing, Height & Depth: 64
    Cheekbone Spacing: 64
    Cheekbone Depth: 40
    Cheekbone Height & Size: 56
    Cheeks Spacing 56
    Cheeks Depth & Height: 40
    Jowl Spacing, Depth & Height: 40

    Bridge Depth: 32
    Bridge Height & Width: 64
    Nose Depth: 64
    Nose Elevation: 32
    Slope Depth & Height: 64
    Slope Width: 40
    Tip Depth & Elevation: 40
    Tip Width: 64
    Tip Height: 40
    Nostril Spacing: 40
    Nostril Depth, Elevation & Width: 64
    Nostril Height: 40
    Septum Height & Width: 64
    Nose Style: 80

    Mouth Depth: 56
    Mouth Elevation & Width: 32
    Lip Side Heights & Sizes: 16
    Mouth Style: 80

    Chin Depth:32
    Chin Elevation: 64
    Chin Width: 16
    Chin Height: 64

    Jaw Width, Height & Depth: 32

    Style: Anime
    Color: Pink

    Eyebrows: Natural Female
    Eyebrow Color: Violet 6

    Eye Liner: Heavy Liner
    Eye Liner Color: Grey 6 (100% Opacity)
    Lipstick & Fingernails: Violet Red 7
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  4. Awesome! I liked her face, the outfit looks very good on her. The backstory was interesting! that God Eater game looks good btw, is the Fleur-de-Lis on gina a SR reference?

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  5. Thanks :)

    I have no seen anything official about Gina's Fluer-De-Lis but considering that she wears royal purple with gold highlights I think it's almost certain to be a SR shout out.
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