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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Admixon, May 21, 2020.

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  2. Captura de pantalla (73).png Captura de pantalla (70).png Captura de pantalla (69).png
    Those graphics are very good for my taste..
  3. SRTTR 2020-05-22 15-57-56-984.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-22 15-58-12-166.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-22 15-58-12-166.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-22 16-56-17-703.jpg

    first screenshot

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  4. IMG_20200523_021855_935.jpg IMG_20200523_005620_204.jpg IMG_20200523_020229_897.jpg
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  5. She be old but I don't care.
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  6. SRTTR 2020-05-25 02-26-05-265.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-25 01-32-12-803.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-25 00-07-19-994.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-25 00-05-07-750.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-25 00-10-37-929.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-24 16-22-52-245.jpg
    I have more...
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  7. I would, but I don't have £40 to spare on a fucking GRAPHIC UPDATE FOR A GAME I BOUGHT AT LEAST THREE TIMES
    Just waiting for the repack. Then I'll have a photo.
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