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Share your character picture

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sizustar, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. WOW!
    Really cool!
  2. 2018-04-12 01-14-54_Moment12.jpg
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  3. Wow!
    I expect to see you using this power while he runs to fit with the movie one :D:D
    Well done ;)
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  4. I know that's a saints row iv thread. I noticed that some people here posted SRTT photos.... I posted my photos in SRTT thread ( but looks like server down situation there :() so I decided to post here I hope you like it
    And I hope it won't bother any admins here

    First : Punisher!! ( special thank to MLVNRT ) if you're a marvel fan I advice you to try this one!!
    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-13 01-52-27-88.jpg

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-13 01-54-17-62.jpg

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-13 02-36-59-45.jpg

    Second : Leon. S. Kennedy ( resident evil 4 and resident evil damnation [movie] )
    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-09 14-18-31-19.jpg

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-09 14-19-46-56.jpg

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-09 14-22-30-91.jpg

    2018-04-18 21.28.30.jpg

    2018-04-12 00.19.47.jpg

    saintsrowthethird_dx11 2018-04-09 14-37-56-16.jpg

    That's it. :D
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