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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sizustar, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Tbh the model is not mine lol :p Got it for a test and i wasnt going to release it. :oops: I have a few more, can share them here if you like.
  2. Sure! If you want, I will be happy to check them out. :)
  3. Admixon

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  4. Thanks, i can say the same for yours ;)
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  5. Easter shooting.

    Backless dress v2 - Just shooting (1).png

    BeautiDuwanger95 - And what about other dresses? I do not hide that I'm waiting for them. I really like the mods from you (Especially these dresses) Certainly they would be beautiful for the next screenshots and overall for playing with them. ;)
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  6. They are the same type of clothing, similar ones i found and some others that I modelled last year but actually never finished. Only 3 of them are working right now, those 2 you have and the one from my profile pic, here a full image:


    I must fix this one tho, one texture is not showing and has some clipping. :oops: Let me finish the mod im working on rn (I have been lazy af and delayed for months lol) Ill create a thread for these quick clothes.
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  7. Lynx & Fire

    Lynx & Fire.png

    BeautiDuwanger95 - In that case I wish you the work on this mod would go out as best as possible. On screenshot this dress already looks very nice. Therefore there is nothing else but to wait for the effects. ;)
  8. Lynx & Genki
    He did not want to throw a car in me using telekinesis. :D

    Lynx & Genki.png
  9. Another combination:



    I fell in love with that hair but damn is so hard to skin!
  10. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

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