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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sizustar, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. I am FINALLY as happy as I think I'm going to be with the breasts... s_best_v2-100_crop.jpg
  2. Liv Moore From The TV Show iZombie
    2018-10-01 13-37-43_Moment.jpg
  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Another one -- I called it even before I saw the title. Amazing likeness! Great job!
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  4. The Baron (Quinn) From Into The Badlands (AMC TV Show)
    2018-10-02 13-36-50_Moment.jpg
  5. I loved the concept for that show. If they made a videogame adaptation for it in the future, I'd like to see it in a style like Batman: Arkham City.
    You're really talented at character creation. I can see you getting hired at video game companies. You got Quinn's cold stare down, real good.
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  6. Milla Jovovich From The Resident Evil (Movies)

    2018-10-04 11-56-07_Moment0.jpg 2018-10-04 11-59-52_Moment00.jpg 2018-10-04 12-01-07_Moment02.jpg 2018-10-04 12-01-07_Moment06.jpg 2018-10-04 12-01-07_Moment08.jpg Milla Jovovich Resident Evil Extinction.jpg
    2018-10-04 00-17-48_Moment.jpg 2018-10-04 00-09-16_Moment.jpg 2018-10-03 23-30-47_Moment(3).jpg 2018-10-03 23-30-47_Moment.jpg
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  7. Okay!! Good job here...!!
    But I would like to see Leon. S. Kennedy and the Redfield!!! ( Chris and Claire ) the real resident evil heroes!!

    And maybe I could use your Leon's face details on mine in saints row the third.... If It's accurate just like every single one you made!! Lol
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  8. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

  9. I love how she looks like V.
  10. Leon S. Kennedy (Version 1)
    2018-10-07 13-55-36_Moment(3).jpg 2018-10-07 13-55-36_Moment(4).jpg 2018-10-07 13-55-36_Moment(7).jpg 2018-10-07 13-57-39_Moment(4).jpg 2018-10-07 14-03-43_Moment.jpg 2018-10-07 14-09-17_Moment(3).jpg

    (Chris Redfield - Tomorrow)
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