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  1. [​IMG]

    Jamie Vaid - Anti-Spy Streets Girl
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  2. Bryan Fury (Tekken)

    Bryan Fury 11.jpg
    Bryan Fury 12.jpg
    Bryan Fury 8.jpg
    Bryan Fury 14.jpg
  3. Claude - gta III
    claude.jpg Footage 2_Moment.jpg Footage 3_Moment.jpg Footage 2_Moment3.jpg Footage final_Moment3.jpg
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  5. Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow (Final Edit) 2018-05-16 23-16-44_Moment(2).jpg 2018-05-16 23-14-36_Moment.jpg 2018-05-16 23-16-09_Moment.jpg
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    Wow! You are incredibly talented at this! The likeness is really amazing! This is why I really miss the creative possibilities that customization provided in Saints Row games.
    I don't know why people are always saying Saints Row is a GTA clone. GTA couldn't ever do any of this (and, no, online doesn't count, and their character models are primitive).
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  7. New game. New look.

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  8. Name: Nadia Vance
    Age: 43
    Gender: Female
    Place of Birth: N/A
    Occupation: Freelance Trade Negotiation (Her words)
    Origin: Growing up in an orphanage usually shapes what children will become later in their lives for the better...
    However, this is not the case for Ms. Vance... Often referred to as the "Ghost of Miami", one would be
    better off not knowing what actions she took to own that nickname. To make this short, she was, and is
    a very deadly person, with an even deadlier, bone-crushing sense of violence. This violence made her
    a respected leading force in the world of wide weapons trading.
    There is one thing other than ill gotten gains and blind rage that motivates her...
    Finding the man who killed her father, who was also a part time assassin.
    Little does she know--- The supposed killer actually is her father.
    The question is: who's the daddy?

    "Say hello to my lil' friend!"
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  9. Capture_20180607183926_Moment(11).jpg

    Harley Quinn - Injustice 2 (Arkham Knight Costume MOD by Admixon)
  10. Capture_20180607190225_Moment(16).jpg

    Harley Quinn - Injustice 2 (Arkham Knight Costume MOD by Admixon)
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