Seeing Double :)

Does anyone know how to display a different texture for an npc if your player is wearing the same texture?

I am working on a mod where the player wears the Cyber Decker suit. I changed the textures for the npc_decker_cyber to a different color and design, and made it one of my homies. However, whenever I call the homie in-game, it wears the same texture as me and not the altered one:
20230516092332_1 (2).jpg

The npc is the tall one on the right. I used the SR3textool application to change the names of the texture files in the decker_cyber's cpeg files, but this does nothing to change the npc texture in-game. Does anyone have a solution or a step I am missing? Thanks.

05/18/2023 UPDATE: Disregard; figured it out.

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