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  1. Download (Also in attachments, Last Update 2012-01-08, GNU GPLv3, source files included in JAR)

    This small tool can remove the "Cheats Enabled" flag from any Saints Row: The Third PC savegame.

    1. Make sure you have the latest Java Runtime Environment installed
    2. Open sr3uncheater-rev2.jar (download link above and in attachments)
    3. Point it to your savegame (usually in C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\<SteamID>\55230\remote)
    Manual method:
    1. Open the savegame in your favourite Hex Editor
    2. Change the byte at 0x000000C8 from 0x01 to 0x00

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  2. does this give you achievements when you unlock then with cheats
  3. Yes, provided you do not activate any additional cheats after using the cheat disabler.
  4. i installed Java Runtime Environment and then i open sr3uncheater-rev2.jar with java.exe, but it just show up 1 sec
  5. Uzi


    There is no reason to fool with this.
    I never looked at the jar, nor would have run it anyway. Unknown source. No thanks.
    Again, no reason to even bother .

    Look here

    GoS has included the mod that allows use of the in game cheats and added some that do not flag the save as 'cheat'.

    So, problem solved and no need to mess with some jar file of unknown origin.

    I'd recommend anyone new to modding SR3 START with GoS (idolninjas Gentlemen of Steelport compilation)
    and not go looking back at posts from months ago for mods, save you a
    lot of wasted time and some grief.
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    The only problem with that advice is that GoS is not retroactive. Once a save is cheat flagged then this method is currently the only known way to remove that flag.
  7. meh, why would you want this? Seems lame to present this to someone when you actually cheated.... Or what is the use?
  8. Because cheating disables autosaves. Achievements I understand, fine, but...
    I guess it's so you don't end up writing your autosave with a "CHEATS ENABLED NO ACHIEVEMENTS YOU CHEATER" version as soon as you do a mission or something.

    Nice idea though, a flag disabler, if you didn't have the sense to have a modded cheats.xtbl beforehand :p
  9. I have a better solution.

    My solution is that you use the Hex Workshop (Trial) Editor and change the value yourselves. You could just use the desired cheat, save, go to the Hex Editor, open the last save file (the one with the greatest numerical value in its name) and go to the grid value of where the cheat flag is, and finally change it to 01.

    It took me a minute or two to find the cell, but it's worth it.
  10. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    This method was in his first post.
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