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Save Game Editor for Saints Row 4

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Stormy, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Stormy

    Stormy Modding patch tester

    Basically as the title says, I would like a save game editor similarly to the one that was had in SR3.
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    I would like this too, or a way to convert saves between pc and xbox. This is because so far all the save editors have been for xbox saves only.
  2. or, maybe someone could post a pc save with their progress?
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  3. If it helps sure. Does it make a difference that mine has already completed the story? If it doesn't, I'll post my save.
  4. Would love a Save Game editor so I could remove that 'Sprint Tornado' garbage.
  5. It would mean removing uprgrades, an is a "do want" at least for me...
    PS: are you the guy that was on Dan CS:GO video? :D
  6. I was able to remove Sprint Tornado by deleting it in the unlockables.xtbl.
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  7. Stormy

    Stormy Modding patch tester

    Yes! I am actually a moderator on those servers. Good fun.
  8. Attached is my earliest save file. Not sure the percent off the top of my head (will post that when I start the game later).
  9. I suppose nobody is interested in this? I'm going to remove my save in a few days if there is no interest, since the only reason I put it up was to help whoever took this request. I don't want my save to be up until everybody has it.

    Of course, I would be happy to reupload it if and when someone shows interest.

    Edit: I want to add that I know it would take far longer than the two weels this thread has been up to make a save editor. It just doesn't appear like anyone is interested in making one at the moment.