Sandbox++ v0.7 (Warp to Activity Markers + Ghost Town Mode)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by nclok1405, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. you miss player invincibility , if you dont want to see red marker offscreen in low health with never die cheat .
  2. Added it in v0.6 (command 851)
  3. If you want all of the hidden interior teleports added to your sandbox++, look in my signature and go to extended extras plus, i have a custom sandbox + i made awhile back, it has all of the hidden interiors already. Also your v0.6 is actually v0.5 i think because commands 851-855 are not in it

    one of the cts files has the custom navpoints, to enable custom cts files, add them in sr2_city.cts as a include
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  4. OH NO! I accidentally re-released v0.5 as v0.6! I've released v0.6 for real (as so please re-download it.
    Yes, I know your Hidden Interior mod, but that requires modded cts files; I want to make standard version of Sandbox++ compatible with as many mods as possible so I'll not add them yet. Maybe in future I'll make a separate Sandbox+ mod that incorporates your works.
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  5. You could just implement the navpoints in another cts file that vanilla sr2 or gotr doesnt use, which would be compatible with all mods besides easycruiser and maybe ultor rising. However you don't gotta add it bud, was just tryna help out! The mod is coming along great btw! great great job so far man!!
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  6. v0.7 released. You can now despawn on-screen NPCs (857-867), cause explosions (873-875), and show diagnostic info for modders (361-372).
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