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Saints_Row_ Weather Mod for SR2 v.2

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by FusionH2o, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Welcome to my Saints Row Weather Mod for SR2. This is intended to be played without the HDR (High Dynamic Range) enabled. The reason you may ask? The first game in the Saints Row series didn't have the HDR technology as seen in other Saints Row games such as Saints Row 2. The option for HDR is found in the Options Menu, disable it before using this mod. Weather is very similar to the weather found in the first game. There still need some improvements though.

    I also added a custom cheat.xtbl file so you can unlock "Medium Rain" as a cheat. Dial #67248 to unlock Medium Rain.
    Edit:: Pre-Storm dial #1111 and Post-Storm dial #2222 are also added to the cheats file.

    Edit:: I removed the effects.xtbl file, it don't do nothing but assign the effect "cf_lightning_gnd01" to be preloaded into the game when the game is turned on. Still dont effect the game's weather.
    Also was a "preload.tbl" file, this goes into the main SR2 install folder, this is no longer needed.

    New clouds mixed with the older clouds to give the game more realism.
    No longer bright far away during night also tweaked.

    How to install:
    GoTR is required for this mod

    Skybox files along with the cheats.xtbl, lightning.xtbl, time_of_day.xtbl, weather.xtbl, and the
    weather_time_of_day.xtbl files goes into your "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder then rebuild patch.

    New Screenshots:
    SR2_pc 2017-05-31 13-14-04-54.png SR2_pc 2017-05-31 13-15-23-66.png SR2_pc 2017-05-31 13-18-51-23.png SR2_pc 2017-05-31 13-19-44-68.png SR2_pc 2017-05-31 13-20-06-82.png

    Old screenshots:
    SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-55-50-43.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-56-54-69.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-57-16-04.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-57-28-28.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-58-55-70.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-58-30-05.png SR2_pc 2017-03-19 21-58-33-31.png

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  2. This looks amazing!
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    That's awesome! The first game had the best weather of all the games. Were you able to reproduce the flashy lightning that lights up the whole area? I really miss that in all the other games.
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  4. Try it out. I also made it so lightning strikes more often and on top of it all if you have a history of epileptic seizures I wouldn't recommend it :p
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  5. Update:: Well not really an update but just to let everyone know that the cheats.xtbl file will reset your cell phone cheats lol. I just now discovered that when I loaded a save that already had cheats unlocked, and that was a vanilla save for the game. What happened after installing this mod I loaded the vanilla save and noticed the cheats were all gone, even the vehicle cheats were gone.

    Screenshot of vanilla save:
    SR2_pc 2017-04-10 12-18-05-82.png SR2_pc 2017-04-10 12-18-11-61.png SR2_pc 2017-04-10 12-18-16-00.png SR2_pc 2017-04-10 12-18-20-20.png SR2_pc 2017-04-10 12-18-24-52.png
  6. Is this caused by the bypassing of the table's limit?
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    That's usually caused by a missing cheat it was expecting. I have fuzzy memories that it may be that they are in the wrong order than what the save file expects, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
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  8. Just found out, no it don't ;)

    The problem solved! That cheats.xtbl file is incorrect. I'll upload a new one along with the mod to replace it.

    The problem was my cheats were scattered across the file and now they are corrected and in order as the GoTr cheats plus added Medium Rain cheat ;)
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  9. Corrected cheats.xtbl file added to the mod in the OP! This time your cheats that you already earned isn't gone! I tested this on 3 game saves. It works on GoTR and vanilla saves!
  10. I have made a private modpack that includes this, you're texture mod, Ryan's Nova SPE, and GoTR.

    I have given you credit to all I have shared the mod with. As well as I will not upload it anywhere, it is only for people who do not know how to install SR2 mods and want an easy way to do it.