Saints vehicle fix?

I noticed while playing SR:TT (both original and remastered), that patrolling Saints in districts you own spawn in regular civilian cars, not the proper Saints cars. Wheen I posted this on Reddit it was expained to me that it's a bug, and Saints only spawn in the correct cars during story missions and survivals.

However, in the same Reddit post, someone also said that IdolNinja (may he rest in peace) had in fact created a mod that fixes that issue, but they couldn't remember the name of it. Does anyone here know what that mod would be? I'm sick of watching my Saints drive around in scrub cars.

Edit: I realised I've put this in the wrong cateagory, I meant to put it in the regular SS:TT part of the forum, not the remastered's one. Uhh, can a mod please move this to the original SS:TT General Chat? Sorry...
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Until we have the means to repack streaming packfiles and update assemblers we have no way to do that.
Basically what the game calls for to spawn Saints vehicles is file_id 0, which in none of the cases is the Saints variant.
So all you have to do is make the Saints variant the very first variant in any vehicle variant table and you're good.

On the original game I've worked a couple times on improving vehicle variety (without the spawns looking to whack), but it's not easy.
If we ever get the tools to work on that I'll jump right on it.