Saints Row Undercover: The Fancomic


And here's the final page of the prologue! The first chapter will probably take a bit longer to begin.
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Page 9 is finally up! As a bonus a little bit of ridiculous "worldbuilding" focusing on Freckle Bitch's and a redrawn logo to match it:

The Hallowiener is a seasonal product at Freckle Bitch’s that originally made its debut in the 90s, but was quickly pulled because the food coloring used in the bun had an interesting effect as it came out (it turned excrement neon green). It gained a cult following and finally in 2010 the hot dog made a return with much fanfare, and the chain has kept it a Halloween stable ever since. The Boss is a big fan of the Hallowiener.


hello. as a great misfortune to everyone and especially myself, i have restarted Saints Row Undercover. i have been planning this for about a year and i have nothing but a new page to show for it. please enjoy, i will see you again in another five years when i get the next page done.

i've also made a twitter account but i'm not sure what i'm gonna do with it yet. probably mainly post updates.

well ok here is an extra too

while the Saints, even if divided, are technically the reigning and only street gang in Stilwater at the time of sru comic, it doesn't mean there aren't other factions flying their own flags.
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