Saints Row Undercover: The Fancomic


So me and my friend were really excited about the reveal of SRU, and really disappointed that it never got released. It really had that good old "classic" SR feel and the script (or what we got to know about it) had some awesome ideas like the civil war and someone as cool as Ranja as a bad guy. It felt like a more natural continuation to SR2 compared to SRTT.

So we decided to make a comic out of it!

SRU the comic is a rewrite because while we liked a lot of the stuff in the original, some of it either wouldn't have worked in comic format or was just plain bad (Boss missing, Sunshine's twin brother, etc.). It's co-written by my friend and drawn by me and gets updated... whenever I get a page done, basically.

You can read it here:
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It's quite an interesting concept, I'll be checking this one every once in a while. :)