Saints Row: The Original Duo

Whether you like the old games, new games, all games, or 1 game. It all started with Saints Row 2006, and Saints Row 2. So that's gonna be my next "Fanscript" or whatever it's called.

But before I move onto that, does anyone know how to delete old threads? I know I rarely ever seem to finish any of my Fanscripts (could be ADHD or something), but when I have this many going on, my mind can't keep up.

If someone has the power to delete them, I'm wanting rid of:
Last Saint Standing
Saints Row: Have It Your Way
Saints Row Revised

Now onto this.

I'm basically thinking about a complete remake of both original games. The 2 that started the franchise.

But to roll them into one would be difficult considering how much Stilwater changes between the 2 games.

Screw it, no.

Any company who tries to remake these 2 masterpieces will definitely manage to screw it up. So just a remaster of them both. Just remasters... I love the games but it would be nice to see how they'd look in modern graphics. Just don't do a GTA Definitive Trilogy blunder on them.
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