Saints Row Textures for SR2 coming soon!

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by FusionH2o, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Since I done away with my Saints Row 1 HQ Texture Pack for SR2, I've resurrected my Saints Row 1 Textures for SR2 mod that was in the Mods in Progress section of the forum before the name was changed. This mod will be released sometime after New Years so keep your eyes open.

    I'll leave a couple of screenshots here:
    Right side corrected:
    SR2_pc 2019-01-01 15-52-59-92.png

    Left side corrected:
    SR2_pc 2019-01-01 15-52-33-68.png

    Textures on roads corrected:
    SR2_pc 2019-01-01 15-53-56-98.png

    Color has also been amp'ed up to make the game more vibrant like it's predecessor Saints Row 1. Didn't have time to mess around in screenshots, been busy!
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  2. Update:
    Brighter lights, dark city, similar nature to Saints Row 1's night:
    SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-07-20-91.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-07-46-59.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-07-53-37.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-09-49-99.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-10-33-97.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-10-50-86.png SR2_pc 2019-01-10 13-10-58-33.png

    I thought the mod would be released sometime around New Years but I didn't want to rush it. This texture mod will be out soon.
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  3. Update:
    The files weather.xtbl, weather_time_of_day.xtbl, cheats.xtbl and cheats_text.xtbl have been modified, the weather stages pre-storm, post-storm, and vibrant are gone since these weather stages wasn't in the first game. Since the cheats been changed so therefore you'll have to enter #1337 to unlock all the cheats. No other calls in your cellphone were touched, taxi, 911, homies, ect.
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  4. nice work, i cant wait for use that mod :p
  5. Awesome work! I can't wait, thank you for this! :)
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