Saints Row: My Universe

Not posting this for any particular reason, other than I want to have a fanscript that I actually post online and don't just keep it to myself, then delete it when I get bored.

(It may not seem like much at the start, but I am typing this up before and after shifts, so it may take some time)


The 3rd Street Saints
The Knight Clubbers
The Retro-Ville Society
Las Bandidas
Project 212

Stonefalls Districts:
Saints Row:
3rd Street Compound
Crossbow Intl.
Stonefalls Lake
Albert Fracker's Woodland Shopping Mall
Stonefalls Welcome Bridge

Sunrise Apartments
The Waves
Stonefalls Square
Stonefalls Falls

No Entry:
Clubbers Compound
The Round Courtyard
Crater Complex
The Stacks
The Disco Ball

RVS Compound
Diner Road
Truman Drive
Twinless Pine Mall
Objective Beach

Paradise Island:
Las Bandidas Compound
Hiester's Dream Casino Strip
Una Bandida Armada Casino
Sunova Beach
Mini Mexico Food Court

Stonefalls Armory:
Project 212 Compound
Statue of Johnerthon Crossbow Town Founder
The Armory

The 3rd Street Saints:
Nadir Zenith - The leader. Once the best mechanic in the city, until she crossed the Retro-Ville Society, who tried to kill her in an explosion. She survived, but lost both her arms. She became very skilled with her feet instead and has since built herself a pair of robotic arms to quadruple her productivity. But to scared to return to the main city, she has found residence in Saints Row. And is nicknamed, "Monkey Wrench" for her mechanic skills and for her monkey like agility.

Adam - The Decoy. Former leader of "The Bandits", Adam decided to quit while he was ahead, but unfortunately lost all his treasure when his ship sank. It's unconfirmed how his ship sank, but his long rivalry with his wife Cattlin Jortez, may have had something to do with it. Now he makes a living by being hired to distract enemy gangs while the gang who hired him raids their home turf.

Johnny Magnum - The Shield. Very distant descendant of Johnerthon Crossbow, he should be carrying on the traditions of his ancestors... Who were all used as human shields in the Stonefalls War. And he is no different. Whenever a turf war starts up, Johnny is the first one shot and usually has to be escorted to the hospital before he bleeds out. His nick name is Mag.

Newbie - The Newbie. Not much is known of Newbie's past, as they were found by Nadir, Adam and Mag after they washed ashore and had lost their memory. But one thing is for sure, they didn't get stranded by theirself for no reason, they are headstrong and always looking to prove theirself.

Alexya El Maysern - The Wildcard. Found caged and handcuffed in Fracker's Compound (Now 3rd Street Compound), Alexya is eager to be set free. But the Saints need to know more about her before they can trust her. Luckily she is willing to help the Saints any way she can, even while still handcuffed. One can only wonder why they thought she was so dangerous in the first place.

Goldie Loxx - The Exile. Former leader of the Knight Clubbers, Goldie Loxx was exiled from their crew and forced out of the city. As the Saints are looking for any volunteers to help wipe out the gangs of Stonefalls, a former leader is just what they need to get one step ahead of their enemies. Her real name is Ashley Locks.

Troy Johnson - The Sus. After conveniently winning a shootout, witnessed by the Saints, Troy helps the Saints take down the RVS, even though he was never officially initiated into the Saints. His likeness to Troy Bradshaw, current police chief of Stilwater, makes it difficult for the Saints to fully trust him. But Troy Johnson is determined to prove his loyalty and help the Saints take over Stonefalls.

The Knight Clubbers:
Rosie Vixx
Blondy Razz

The Retro-Ville Society:
Nedward Flanderson
Petunia Flanderson
Betty Flanderson

Las Bandidas:
Cattlin Jortez
Maria Avalos
Luz Avalos

Project 212:
Melayna Waston
Lieu Tenant
Ser Geant

The 3rd Street Saints:
Canonization (Fight Club) - Crossbow Intl.
Rescue (Snatch) - Albert Fracker's Woodland Shopping Mall
Bleeding Out (Escort) - Stonefalls Welcome Bridge
Messenger (Trafficking) - Stonefalls Lake

The Knight Clubbers:
Trail Blazing - The Waves
Mayhem - The Disco Ball
Snatch - The Round Courtyard
Heli Assault - The Stacks
Demo Derby - Crater Complex

The Retro-Ville Society:
Mayhem - Stonefalls Square
Trail Blazing - Objective Beach
Escort - Truman Drive
Trafficking - Twinless Pine Mall
Tank Mayhem - Diner Road

Las Bandidas:
Septic Avenger - Stonefalls Falls
Fight Club - Sunova Beach
Septic Avenger - Mini Mexico Food Court
Tank Mayhem - Una Bandida Armada Casino
Heli Assault - Hiester's Dream Casino Strip

Project 212:
Fuzz - Sunrise Apartments
Demo Derby - Statue of Johnerthon Crossbow Town Founder
Fuzz - The Armory

3rd Street Compound Lists:
Chop Shop
Fracker's Strongholds
Fracker's Store Purchases
Fracker's Henchmen Killed
Saints Recruited
Fracker's Tagging
Fracker's Collectibles

Clubbers Compound Lists:
Chop Shop
Knight Clubbers Strongholds
Knight Clubbers Store Purchases
Knight Clubbers Killed
Saints Recruited
Knight Clubbers Tagging
Knight Clubbers Collectibles

RVS Compound Lists:
Chop Shop
RVS Strongholds
RVS Store Purchases
RVS Killed
Saints Recruited
RVS Tagging
RVS Collectibles

Las Bandidas Compound Lists:
Chop Shop
Las Bandidas Strongholds
Las Bandidas Store Purchases
Las Bandidas Killed
Saints Recruited
Las Bandidas Tagging
Las Bandidas Collectibles

Project 212 Compound Lists:
Chop Shop
Project 212 Strongholds
Project 212 Store Purchases
Project 212 Killed
Saints Recruited
Project 212 Tagging
Project 212 Collectibles

Prologue Arc:
Fracker's Compound
A New Beginning
Trust Issues
Team Building
Birth Of 3rd Street

Knight Clubbers Recon Arc:
Do Not Enter
No Touching Rule
Basement Penthouse
Circle Of Death

RVS Recon Arc:
Suspicious Activity
Fun In The Sun
Dine & Dash
Forward From The Past

Las Bandidas Recon Arc:
Treasure Island
Terry's Tacos
Son Of A Beach
Scope Out
The One Armed Bandit

Intermission Arc:
Frack The System
Stage One
No Time Wasted
Lose The Heat

Knight Clubbers Takedown Arc:
Clubbers Compound
Disco Fever
Morning, Noon, & Knight
Basin Overflow
The Harder They Fall

RVS Takedown Arc:
RVS Compound
Return To The Present
Beach Patrol
In Case I Don't See Ya
Someone's In The Kitchen

Las Bandidas Takedown Arc:
Las Bandidas Compound
Vacation Plans
Food Fight
The Heist Train

Project 212 Takedown Arc:
Stage Two
Project 212 Compound
Take It All
Noise Complaints
Monumental Victory

Finale Arc:
Stage Three
The Fall
It's Our Time Now!

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