Saints Row Mod Manager (SR3 - SR4)

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  1. This Is a advanced yet simple saints row mod manager for saints row 3 and 4. Its like an alliterative for the steam workshop, which this game doesn't support.

    Program asking for admin permission? Saints Row Mod Manager is asking for admin permission so then it can copy over files to the steam folder and also create folders in the programs current file path.

    Download link is at the bottom of this post and is called '' just download that and extract the install and run the install.

    Don't forget to check out my website and youtube channel and facebook!

    SETTING UP PART 1: Find your steam folder by pressing the 'Locate Steam' button, and that's all you need to do, the program fills in the rest.

    SETTING UP PART 2: Select you version of saints row you want to be modded by selecting the drop down list.

    ADDING MOD PART 1: Simply Select the the mod you want to installed by selecting the 'Browse Files' button and select your mods for example (mod1.xml, mod2.xml).

    ADDING MOD PART 2: Give your mod a name by typing it in under the label 'Mod Name' then click add. The files will now appear in your selected saints row folder and in the backup folder.

    REMOVING MOD FROM STEAM SR: There are 2 ways of removing the mod. 1 is to select 'Remove Selected' which is located up the top. Or select 'Remove Selected' button down the bottom, the 'Remove Selected' button on the bottom will ask you if you want to remove the mod from the saints row folder and the backup folder and you can either answer 'yes' or 'no', if the answer is 'yes' the mod will be removed from the selected saints row version and the backup folder.

    COPYING OVER MOD FROM BACKUP: By pressing the button 'Copy Over Mod' you are copying the mod from the backup folder to you selected saints row version, by pressing this button if you already have a mod in the selected saints row version it will be overwritten, if the mod doesn't exist in the selected saints row version, the mod will be simply copied over to the selected saints row version.

    Video Tutorial:


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  2. Why upload it to MediaFire when you can use the forum?
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    We've already discussed this with him, and he will be correcting the release.
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  4. Isn't the Programm be able to recognize already existing mods!? U should add that! or i'll do my own mod manager ^^
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  5. If you think about it for a while, that's impossible (without asking the user for the mod names) - only the modified game files are placed in the game directory.
    Why not move the mods from your game to a folder on your desktop or something and add them one at a time?
  6. But u are allowed to list all the files in the gamefoulder which are ending with .xtbl so it isn't imposilble!
  7. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    It basically would be possible with various workarounds, like adding : "UNKNOWN" Tag to existing .xtbl, str2_pc, ... - files which haven't been added by the mod installer itself.

    That would only work on the overall first start of the program, unless you'd do 2 copies of any file and then check if files are different :)
  8. You still have to ask the user which mod those files belong to.

    Forum rules, Part II, #7 - take a look at it.
  9. How can I get this to work if SR isn't installed on the same HD.
    If the game isn't installed to the Steam folder on C drive this app will not work. :c
  10. I see four major problems with this mod.
    • (Re)moves files without informing the user of, and providing a period to accept, the removal. ("Add Mod" button moves listed mod files with no way to restore them)
    • Has a used-one-time input that is intended for multiple uses which does not clear itself when it has been used. (Textbox "Mod name" is only used when you add a mod to the game. once you've added the mod, the textbox "Mod name" is no longer useful and should be cleared)
    • Uses one value for multiple entities to represent independent objects of a single group. (Adding a mod creates an entry for every file associated with that mod, but without a unique name. they're all "MOD'S NAME")
    • Does not remember currently installed mods. (Installing a mod with the mod manager, closing and reopening the manager, the mod files no longer exist within the mod manager; no way to see what mods are installed, or to remove mods)
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