Goofing around in Postal 4 & I found this!

Postal 4 Gat Screenshot.png
Now, don't get confused. Postal 4 was broken on release just like the SR reebot, the difference being that the cringe and "trendy" jokes in Postal 4 are part for the course considering that's what the series has done since the early 2000's and that Running With Scissors promised to eventually fix the game and that's exactly what they've been doing. I guess that's the benefit of being actually self made (heh) and not have to anwser to a gigantic faceless corporation.
I've been playing since the "Janky Alpha Stage" when they introduced Tuesday, so I've been watching the game evolve over a long stretch of time. And part of the fun in seeing what new things pop up when they do updates.
Heheh nice I always love finding little details like this in games. I haven't gotten around to any postals after 2 yet personally but Ive been keeping an eye on the state of them and might buy later if the bugs get worked out enough, or if i catch it while on sale for a really good price.