Saints Row IV Steam Workshop Uploader (1.0.0)


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The Saints Row IV Steam Workshop Uploader is now on Steam!

You can find it in your Steam Library under Tools.

The uploader is very simple to use.

To upload a mod to Steam Workshop, follow these steps:
  1. Start "Saints Row IV - Workshop upload tool".
    You'll see:
    View attachment 13479

  2. To add files to the new package, just drag them into the window.
    If you add a file by accident and you want to remove it, just right click it and hit "Remove".
    Once you've done that, you'll something like:
    View attachment 13480

  3. To upload this to the Steam Workshop, click "File, Save, To Steam Workshop...".
    A new window will appear:
    View attachment 13481

  4. Fill out the fields in this window.
    Most of the fields can be changed after you upload, but the main image can only be updated through this program - so don't forget to pick one! A good guideline for JPG files is that they should be around 1000x1000 pixels in size to nicely fit in the size limit of 1MB.

    Once you're done, the window should look something like this:
    View attachment 13482

  5. Once you're happy, click "Upload".
    You'll see a progress window appear showing you what's happening:
    View attachment 13483

  6. Once the upload is completed successfully, you'll see:
    View attachment 13484

  7. Once you click OK, your new workshop item will open up in Steam.

  8. You're done! You can add extra screenshots and edit the title and description through Steam, and if you need to upload a new version of your mod you can do that with the Steam Workshop Uploader.
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