Saints Row IV and Agents of Mayhem banned in Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Quantum, Jul 18, 2018.

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    That's so random, this list of games cover such a broad range of demographics. I the same time it misses a bunch of similar games. It seems like the decision was made with a lack off knowledge of its subject matter. I could imagine any young-ling being pushed into suicide no matter what type of social medium (face to face, cellphone, facebook, etc.) . It's like opening a self closing door from the hinge, its not an effective approach, and it only goes so far.

    Plus, I don't think games like The Saboteur has much of a social feature from simply playing them. How is Blue Whale targeting these people offline?
  3. Quantum

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    I never even heard of Blue Whale until I looked it up on Wikipedia. How can a game like Agents of Mayhem, which is full of light-hearted comedy and doesn't even have multiplayer or co-op, be put into the same category as "Blue Whale". It doesn't make any sense at all.
  4. Woah maybe the people reviewing the game in SA don't like SR4 & AOM so bad, they thought kids would probably kill themselves.

    If you were coming from SR3 to SR4 = You would be upset about the Recycling like you've been cheated...and worst would be going from SR3 or SR4 to AOM...and find even less content than before.
  5. New headline: "Saudi Arabian King Bans Later Saints Row Titles in Protest for a Proper Saints Row Game."
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