Saints Row II/2/Two/The Second/Pt2

If they do a sequel with the current Saints, ideally I'd like to see:

Kevin's personality mature enough to at least take things a bit more seriously, and give him at least one Homie Outfit that includes a shirt that isn't linked to PTSD.

The Boss and Neenah tear down the Panteros just enough for Neenah to take control of their crew and become a subdivision of the Saints.

Eli take another mortal wound, but be stronger for it. And gain the knowledge and experience to get Marshall under the Saints Control through legal documents and binding contracts intimidation and destructive publicity stunts.

Tamira join the Saints as a Homie/Friend and as their official Medic, with Shady Oaks having a medical tent set up at the Church, Saints Tower, Sunshine Springs Mansion, and whichever Cribs we receive in the following DLCs for the current SR (if all those Cribs return in the sequel). She'd also have a selection of Outfits to choose from.

The Crew actually be recruitable in free roam, just like every previous main Saints Row game. (Translation for Volition: Meaning they will follow the player around the city even if they're not in combat, you know, like what Kev, Eli, and Neenah do as Homies?)

The return of a Zombie Homie, possibly Nahaulli, or a new recruit who is either headstrong (like Gat), or just not up to par (like Carlos), the Zombie Homie will also have a selection of Outfits to choose from.

Santo Ileso get the Stilwater treatment. Meaning the transition between SR1 & SR2. More building interiors, secret locations, Easter Egg hunts with actual payoffs (like the Cabbit hunt, not the Fork In The Road hunt), more idle animations for the Pedestrian Npcs, mini games (poker, emt, firefighter)

As Santo Ileso has a lot of open desert, I'd like to see a lot of caves and caverns to explore, they'd be great places to hide Collectibles too.