Saints Row: Have It Your Way

MC returns to the city of Shelbeach via the underwater train line. Upon exiting the shuttle, the subway station provides 4 tunnels to the surface they can choose from.

Tunnel 1 (far left) - Project 212 Base
Tunnel 2 (centre left) - West Street Church
Tunnel 3 (centre right) - 3rd Street Apartments
Tunnel 4 (far right) - High Voltage

Tunnel 1 starts the campaign from MC joining Project 212 thanks to their friend recommending them to the Sergeant.

Tunnel 2 starts the campaign from MC getting caught up in a turf war between the West Street Rollerz and the East Street Kings, eventually getting recruited into the Rollerz.

Tunnel 3 starts the campaign from MC returning to their apartment after being on vacation, then turning on the news to find out that the city is in the midst of gang warfare.

Tunnel 4 starts the campaign from MC planning on visiting their favorite store, only to see that that whole portion of the city is now a post apocalyptic wasteland that utilises an unsafe energy source to power their supplies.

3rd Street Saints:

Rogue (MC) - Depends on which Tunnel you take, eventual 3rd Street Saints Leader
Molly - Formerly Project 212 Private, now 3rd Street Saints Lieutenant
Dennis James - Formerly West Street Rollerz Racer, now 3rd Street Saints Lieutenant
Rossalin (Recharge) - Formerly High Voltage Raider, now 3rd Street Saints Lieutenant

Project 212:
Sergeant Tale - Project 212 Leader
Private Adam - Project 212 Lieutenant
Private Adam - Project 212 Lieutenant

West Street Rollerz:
Joe - West Street Rollerz Leader
Donald - West Street Rollerz Mechanic
Lynn - West Street Rollerz Racer

East Street Kings:
Tawni - East Street Kings Leader
William Warrens - East Street Kings DJ
Tiny Tony - East Street Kings Enforcer

High Voltage:
Motherboard - High Voltage Leader
Livewire - High Voltage Recruiter
Short Fuse - High Voltage Explosives Expert

Citizens of Shelbeach:
Mike Rafoan - Channel 3 News Reporter
Jonnie Gat - Celebrity Gangster
Rachel Johnson - Mayor of Shelbeach
Dennis James - Celebrity Actor with the same name as the Saints Lieutenant.

More to come...
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