(Saints Row Discord) What's going on?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RiPSHiT-TearYourAss, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Many months ago I was on the Saints Row Discord. However, on that particular Discord I seemed to be a main target of harassment from a user who's name I will not disclose (let's refer to the user as Josh). I figured that seeing as Josh wouldn't stop picking apart things I did or things I do and wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon I finally decided to leave the Discord and be done with every notification and mention from Josh being something about me that I did only to have Josh who was harassing me since I first joined not explain what it was I did.

    I wanted to join the Saints Row Discord again and I try to do that under my usual Discord name RiPSHiT. It comes to my attention that, as RiPSHiT, the invite to the server is invalid. I found that strange, since when I tried to join the Saints Row Discord I accidentally did it with an alternate account (meant for playing jokes with my friends which I of course tell them later.) and had no problem.

    Let me ask, primarily moderators of that Discord - Have I been banned? I'm pretty sure I have been although the reason for my ban wasn't made clear and I'm pretty sure I was banned after I left or by someone's request.

    Again, have I been banned?
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  2. What's the name of your alt account?
  3. It was @thesomethingsomething#6553, the alt I use for mainly joking with friends on Discord. I joined with this one by mistake since I was logged into Discord on Mozilla as that user not RiPSHiT.
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