SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

Uhh got the pre ordered yesterday.. standard edition its fine by me


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There's like a ton of gameplays rn everywhere. I'm not gonna watch them. I personally want to discover the game as much as I can. If you want to discuss about the story and want to share some story spoilers here please hide your posts under Spoiler
like this
After watching all the footage that dropped today, I can honestly say this is a Saints Row game
I really dissapointed so far the maps looks like SRTT guess i just messing around in the city with VTOL and Tornado..
The map looks nothing like Steelport, it's already proving to be more detailed than Steelport by far
I know its not like steelport but the map as you can see it is similiar with that its so small.. Hoping they expand it even more not just desert since they have amusement park
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