SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

I heard layered clothing is coming back into this game? How does that work exactly? Never actually played 1 and 2 so not really sure. Is it like you can wear any type of shirt and put any type of jacket on top of it?
I've been wanting that to return since 3 came out!
I can't wait for the game to come out i seen a lot of hate for the game and i get it but eventually you gotta get back on the Horse and adapt to the new ways honestly i'm very hype to play this game idk about you guys but this Saints Row feels like Fortnite jaja in someways and that's pretty cool so im ready for the game to be release soon Like they say Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover.
If Layered Outfit comeback,Fight club back,Some great melee move back.. hell yeah im in.. i don't care if people call this Woke row. As long i can customize my character are more better than previous Games(SR1,2 probably unbeaten for the customize just say it) What i concern was story its good or bad we see it later when the games come out and we judge it then.