SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

I will use that option and they have a option to go bankrupt i hope they will use that too even if they dont want it.
I like how these "real" SR fans wish for the company to go bankrupt because they dont like the game they made...

Real good human behavior.

No one is forcing you to buy the game so man up and leave the conversation if you are not happy this is the direction they choose for the game and it wont change.
Ohhh i see you take my advice about human behavior its good, you have still long progress in front of you but i m beleiving you.

Now lesson two: You need to learn how to be a real fan but not be a stupid at the same time. You see, i m a real fan but i m not stupid. As a fan i support Volition so many years and i respect them . But after the srtt we demand to go back to roots to orginal tone and i m 100% sure they are aware of this and they choose to not do it , they said" tone of the Saints row franchise needed to change for modern audiences". If you didnt understand what that means let me tell you, they made this game for gain new fans they didnt made this game for us. So that means they didnt care our support and they didnt respect us and our demands.Thats cool thats their choise and we have right to choose dont respect them and suport them. Thats a fair situation. They care money more then their fans and we are not going to buy a game which we didnt want it and didnt made for us. We dont have to buy a game just because its branded as Saints Row. And i dont understand why should i leave the conversation , just because i am negative about it ? This part of lesson is how not to be stupid.

After all if they dont make it good and go bankrupt, the new owners of franchise may or may not listen the fans and we can see better games like Sr1 and Sr2 once again. And this part of the lesson is how to be a "Real fan"
Too long didn't read.

Learn how to be human that's all I am gonna say.


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So "real fan" means: love SR1 and SR2, hate SRTT and above, wish Volition bankrupt because the reboot isn't like SR1 or SR2.
Sorry, thats dumb.

You need to understand that fanbase of SR1 and SR2 is really small. It is very loud, you can hear many people asking Voliton "back to the roots" but if you look at numbers... SRTT was the best selling Saints Row game ever. Volition listens, they are aware of oldschool and newschool fans and what they ask for so the tone of the reboot will be something between SR2 and TT. Maybe they won't please both fanbases but at least they're trying to find a good balance.


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People with negative emotions will always be more vocal about it than someone with a positive emotions. If you go to a restaurant and the service was good, you take it for granted and won't think to write a review about it, but if it was bad you will be much more inclined to share your negative experience and leave a bad review.


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Meet The Saints source: https://saintsrow.com/meet-the-saints


  • Case No34G-258SIPD
  • Name: Unknown "B"
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 140lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Officers have reported sociopathic behavior at time of encounters. Squad were unable to apprehend.
Particularly proficient with automatic pistol and heavy weapons. Displays evidence of military training.
Suspected ringleader. Appears to be leading observed known associates as de facto Boss of the Saints.


  • Case No14C-267SIPD
  • Name: Eli
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 162lbs
  • Eyes: Light brown
  • Hair: Black

Identified in failed armed robbery. Suspect escaped when officers were overwhelmed. Fugitive warrant issued.
Calculated individual. When apprehended, fugitive feigned innocence convincingly until rescued by associates.
Unknown affiliation. Suspected of multiple low level blue collar crimes. Residing location currently unknown.


  • Case NoO2D-261SIPD
  • Name: Neenah
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Witnessed as getaway driver in multiple armed robberies. Also wanted in connection with stolen antiquities.
Known long time family affiliate of the Los Panteros gang. Initiated into gang operations at a young age.
Wanted for multiple counts of vehicle theft. Professional driving skills displayed but unconfirmed.


  • Case No47A-264SIPD
  • Name: Kevin
  • Height: 6' 0"
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Dark Brown

Wanted for multiple reported offences including damage of county building property, and public order offences.
Loud, brash, with left-arm sleeve of identifying tattoos - easily spotted repeatedly without upper body clothing.
Unconfirmed affiliate of the Idols gang. Unconfirmed rank within, but has been spotted at multiple gatherings.