SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

#6? Is that...bad?
When the competition is the following, I'd say yes:


It's currently being outsold by a TMNT game, F1 Manager whatever that is, Mario kart 8 deluxe (a 5 year old game) and Forbidden West (a 7 month old game).

Note how Forbidden West didn't move at all in a week.
I'm really sitting here wondering if there were just sitting there scratching there nutsacks and muffs for seven years while fans BEGGED for a return to form to SR's gang roots after SRiv, instead they went "Duuude, what if the saints were just trying to pay of their student loans, like us maan."
And to think I was sooo hyped for this game when they announced it with that graffiti wall:sadge:
Welp, atleast we still have GTA.
I'm enjoying the game so far, but it certainly needs it's engine fine tuned. I bought it on sale for $44 and that seems fair. I hope they continue to release updates, and it can have a proper revival. HOWEVER, they need to straight up get rid of that marketing team. I would have preordered if I knew what the actual game was going to be like. Every single press release, and interview made me not want to buy this game. I have no idea what the marketing department was thinking. Such tone deaf roll out. I'm still shocked at how professional marketing team could present a game so poorly to it's intended audience.
Do we tho? Last time I checked GTAO was still a clusterfuck, and GTAV was still lackluster.

I feel like it's been decades since we've had a good, down to earth, open world, crime simulator. Last one I can remember is from 2012, Sleeping Dogs.
I've personally never been a GTA fan. I respect their development skill, but I find the games depressing. Too realistic.