Saints Row 2 Texture Tool

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Masamaru, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. I did not notice in that idea.
    There is a need to try whether it is possible.
  2. Good job Masamaru.
    I don't use modding tools very much.
    but it's great tools like this that make the mods possible.
  3. Whenever I extract anything it's just blank transparent image. Any ideas?
  4. Try to use v0.96.

    There may be a bug in the latest version.
    Can not check the latest version because the main PC is in trouble now.
  5. Happens too. I can see the correct size and resolution yet it's blank :(
  6. Transition to the new PC was almost complete.
    I did the check again sr2pegrool v0.971 and there was no particular problem.
    Extraction and reconstruction of the texture is operating correctly.
  7. Any particular textures?
    Textures in pegs.vpp_pc are all blank after extraction :(
    EDIT: Oh god I am so dumb. Those are only filelists like cpeg_pc are in SR3 :D
    Still all ui_*.peg_pc are missing their .gpeg_pc textures in textures.vpp_pc
    Nvm figured it all out. Thanks for this tool!
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
  8. All ui_*.peg_pc and ui_*.gpeg_pc are stored in chunks4.vpp_pc.
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  9. sr2pegtool latest version 1.105 available.

    Lanczos3 method has been implemented, but it does not seem suitable for mipmap generation.
    Bicubic method is easy to handle as much as the average pixel method, and it is suitable for the generation of mipmaps.
    Nearest neighbor method was also implemented but actually it would never used.
  10. Thinking about replacing the loading screens! Them "orange" screens that load between missions are getting old.
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