Saints row 2 styled camera?

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by ☣_Lεσnλrd899_☣, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Yeah, I haven't been able to find this one but I would really like to have a camera just like in saints row 2 or saints row 4 king me mission.
  2. I copied the camera values from the "King Me" mission. So the camera should be exactly the same.
    Edit: Install into... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

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  3. You're badass, I was just about to search for such mod (got a love for centered-view)
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  4. THPSX

    THPSX Banned

    hmm this can be done in script without touching camera_free.xbtl . if u exract sr3city.0 and find one of the m00 to 18 maybe m14 or 12 maybe King me mission script
  5. Crap, I'm using a FOV changer app that uses camera_free.xtbl, any way to morph both of them into a single file? meanwhile I'll use this one instead of the FOV changer, since apart from the centered position, they give me the wanted result
  6. Where do I have to change in the camera code to lower the fov?
  7. More things to learn I see...
    Don't know that stuff yet.
    open file, search <base_fov> lower value for each state you want lower fov.
  8. Thank you
  9. FOV is good , but AIMING , no .
  10. Why not? to me it's better this way, so you won't have to always expose yourself out of cover because the camera is sticked to the right shoulder
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