Saints Row 2 OpenSpy patcher

I've created a mod that patches the Saints Row 2 executable file on loading to use OpenSpy instead of the now defunct GameSpy. This will allow you to use online multiplayer again.

Unlike a similar mod, it doesn't replace the Saints Row 2 executable file with a patched version but uses a replacement DFEngine.dll file to patch the executable on the fly.

It works with both the GOG and Steam versions of Saints Row 2. However, I doubt if it will work with the German version, as I assume the executable is different from the international version.

To install, just replace the DFEngine.dll file in the game's main game folder, making a back-up of the original DFEngine.dll if required.

It will generate a log file called sr2patch.txt to help troubleshoot any problems.

Hopefully this will be the start of a general purpose game patcher, that will fix many bugs in the Saints Row 2 game. The next thing I'm working on is writing an updated fix to the speed-up bug.

I've included the source code, and anyone is welcome to expand the code with their own patches.


  • SR2 openspy
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