Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming!!!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admixon, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. it was said that the `patch` will be if i already have the original on i need to rebuy it?
  2. No, you'll get the patch for free. Standalone, here, refers to the fact that the original version and the new one will have different entries on Steam, and won't affect each other.
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  3. Will the price of the game change?
  4. It'll probably cost the same as the original port version. But of you already own that one, you'll get the Mega patch version for free.
  5. Any more news? Sad we don't get a devlog or anything to tie us over
  6. If the DLC packs are being restored, will Carlos and Aisha still be unlockable Homies through GOTR?

    Because in GOTR you unlock them through doing the modded versions of the DLC missions, but if those missions are being restored to their former glory, how will we unlock Aisha and Carlos as Homies?

    These are my thoughts/suggestions:
    1. The missions involving their deaths could be modded to skip the parts of the cutscenes showing their deaths, then you unlock them after said missions.
    2. If Mission Mods can still be created, then there would be a mission to resurrect each dead Saint through the art of Voodoo. 3 Missions: Carlos, Aisha, Lin (Use one of the Asian Sporty Saints models from Gang Customisation)
    3. Like Luz, they could just be unlocked after completing an Activity Arc relevant to their allocated Gang.
  7. Painly waiting,hope it's good enough.If time isn't enough,just spend longer time
  8. Will this patch give Saints Row 2 partial/full controller support? Because I just got a new PC controller, and it works correctly on Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, however when I played Saints Row 2, or any other game besides games with partial/full controller support, the left analog stick would make my camera look up but at the same time move forward. I didn't have trouble with the Xbox One Controller that I played with before though.
  9. F13


    You can already fully remap gamepad buttons and analog axis in SR2 PC. Only thing is, mapping both the attack button and the vehicle acceleration button to the same key (example, the right trigger) will break drive-by shooting
  10. I'll see about that.
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