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    The application ctsmapper.exe that was included in Gibbed SR2 Tools does not seem to work.
    So I make a new program sr2ctsmapper.exe.

    You just drag <name>.cts file and drop it on the sr2ctsmapper.exe.
    <name>.png file was created and xy(z) coodinate infomation displayed with colored "+" mark.
    Ver2.0 added map viewer function and you can get detailed coodinate information.

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  2. By the way, what does this tool do? (I don't know, I am new)
  3. This tool draws on the map the position information described in the cts file.

    For example, in cds_sr2_city.cts it contains the position which is located CD.
    Position of the tag has been stored in the tagging_spots.cts as well.
  4. Release sr2ctsmapper v2.0.
    Map viewer function: move the viewport freely, zoom in/out (x1, x2, x4) and display detailed coodinate infomation when mouse cursor on +sign.
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