Homies & NPCs Saints Row 2... But Different?

A Saints Row Reboot of my own.

Story Idea:

After the events of Saints Row (2006), it was revealed that:
1. Lin survived and just laid low until the Westside Rollerz were dealt with.
2. Dex betrayed Ultor, forcing them out of Stilwater, but also caused quite a lot of collateral damage in the process, forcing him to pay a visit to IAD to change his appearance.
3. Troy refused the promotion to become Chief Of Police, as his undercover life in the Saints gave him a huge rush. And finally admits his true feelings for Lin, who does not feel the same way.
4. Donnie moved to Steelport and joined the Ronin.
5. Gat moved to Steelport with Aisha and her Sister, so she could restart her music carrier... But things went south when the girls joined the Ronin, and Gat became a professional wrestler.
6. King moved to Steelport and rebuilt the Vice Kings, but more as a form of private military.
7. Julius rescued Playa from Stilwater Penitentiary, and explained what happened with the boat explosion.
8. Jyunichi had Kazuo try to create an overpowered version of Gat to take him out before the big fight. But none were strong enough. And the prototype model is currently undergoing major testing to create the perfect clone.

9. (Joking, obviously) The characters changed their voices and names after becoming famous. (For those of you that will point out the incorrect voices and names).

Character replacements:
Gat & Zombie Gat - Julius
Shaundi - Lin
Pierce - Dex (SR2 Default Playa)
Josh - Troy (SR Default Playa)
Oleg - Johnny Tag
Kinzie - Fun Shaundi
Zimos - Pierce
Angel - Gat

Loren - Kazuo
Viola & Kiki - Aisha
MS Specialist - Maero
Morningstar - Brotherhood
Miller - Veteran Child
D Specialist - Mr. Sunshine
Deckers - Sons Of Samedi
Killbane - Jyunichi
L Specialist - Donnie
Luchadores - Ronin
Brutes - Johnny Tag

Temple - Vogel
Kia - Cypher
STAG Soldiers - Masako Agents

Steelport NG:
Mayor Reynolds - SR King
SNG Soldiers - Tony, Tanya, Vice Kings

All these character models are replaced in Gameplay, Cutscenes, & Gang Customization... And they're replaced as Homies too.

I personally will be playing the game with the voices muted, and the captions on. If the captions could be edited, then the names could be replaced with the correct ones.

Though both Aisha and her Sister use the same model, Aisha is Kiki, and her sister is Viola. If her sister's outfit can have the colour changed, that would help telling them apart.

More to come...
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