Saints Row 1 HQ Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v4.2 FIXED

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by FusionH2o, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Any ideas how to fix this distant issue?, I'm running normal GOTR and nothing else

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  2. That's not the mods fault it's the game's engine doing that. There's no cure for it as far as I know.
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  3. Small update::
    How about having a cell phone that looks like the one in Saints Row 1? Look no farther cause I'm already started working on that for my next release of this mod!

    SR2_pc 2019-10-05 02-28-49-24.png SR2_pc 2019-10-05 02-28-52-25.png SR2_pc 2019-10-05 02-28-55-65.png SR2_pc 2019-10-05 02-29-07-26.png SR2_pc 2019-10-05 02-29-11-46.png
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  4. I agree and i had a feeling this phone update would be coming shortly after that other person released there phone skin mod. Non the less perfect for the sr1 retexture
  5. Amazing mod! I cannot wait to try it. SR1 is the best and I am still annoyed it never got a PC port. Thank you for this :)
  6. So I was messing around with the time_of_day.xtbl files and I managed to have this occur.
    Something important to note is that the sun only looks like this when facing directly at it in fine aim, at a very specific time of day no less.
    I haven't been able to find out the cause, but if I manage to isolate it, SR1 style sunlight may be possible.

    Or worst case scenario, this is a leftover that only works for two minutes at a time.
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  7. The
    The time_of_day.xtbl file has an option to turn on or turn off "Sunglare".

    Edit: Matter of fact I added a newer type of glare file inside the "always_loaded_effects.g_peg_pc" and always_loaded_effects.peg_pc" files which in turn look like this:

    Fine aim:
    SR2_pc 2020-01-15 12-38-51-52.png

    SR2_pc 2020-01-15 12-38-59-45.png

    You can only see it in a spit second while moving in directions. As in the screenshot below the edge of the sun is marked with a red circle.
    SR2_pc 2020-01-15 12-39-22-42.png
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