Saints Row 1 HQ Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v4.2 FIXED

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  1. well, i didnt find the file"cs_t3k.peg_pc", cuz all i find the cutscene tec in texture.vpp_pc is this one...
    (sorry my spanish)
  2. but..if u can..try to put the files of the "p_tec9.g_peg_pc" and "p_tec9.peg_pc" from the mod saints row 1 t3k, and change the name...if that dont kinda new trying to mod the weapons on cutscene :confused:
  3. ?
  4. What he was saying is rename and replace which won’t work properly, also the cs_t3k file only has a g_peg_pc file . It could be located elsewhere such textures or pegs but that’s the only one I could find also, I’m pretty sure he wants just a black t3k for that cutscene which I did accidentally create awhile back, he once asked for the special plat black t3k for that cutscene however upon replacing files it always turned up being the standard black like he is wanting now, it very well is a glitch just no idea where that other Peg file is
  5. I'll get back at finishing this mod as soon as I can but for now enjoy the new screenshots:

    These clouds are new, they are made from Perlin Noise which is a effect used by Photoshop. I've uploaded the texture used for these clouds. They are similar to the Partly Cloudy clouds used in Saints Row 1.

    SR2_pc 2019-07-24 15-02-29-45.png SR2_pc 2019-07-24 15-02-50-71.png SR2_pc 2019-07-24 15-02-58-79.png SR2_pc 2019-07-24 15-03-04-66.png A5s0iU1.png
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  6. Okay cool.
  7. Minor update:
    I've reduced fog during the daytime hours but not during the night time hours. The reason is reduced fog during night time makes the city more unlike it was in Saints Row 1.
    I also gave the clouds a more sharpness viewpoint.

    SR2_pc 2019-07-24 15-02-29-4.png

    SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-00-58-15.png

    Clouds are also darker during light rain:
    SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-01-16-95.png

    The rest reduced fog for better views!:
    SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-14-28-61.png SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-14-34-44.png SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-14-46-14.png SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-15-03-00.png SR2_pc 2019-07-29 16-15-10-88.png
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  8. I got a small update. It's for "magical clouds", what I done was added back the skybox_effects.xtbl file after replacing the old one with a new one. These ""magical clouds" seem to appear out of no where in the sky! I wish I could get the .gif image a little larger to view:

    SR2_pc 2019-08-08 12-40-29-43.gif

    This won't be released anytime soon, still working on it though.
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  9. I'm still getting a crash to desktop after the cutscene intro for Red Asphalt. I removed the texture mod, rebuilt GOTR, it worked. Saved after the mission, put the texture mod back in, tried to load the game, and it crashed to desktop. Something is still borked. I think.
  10. I think I narrowed it down. The cheats.xtbl and the cheats_text.xtbl files, remove them (but don't delete them), move them to some other location on you computer then rebuild patch and try see if the crashing stops. Not sure about the cheats files are actuall crashing the game cause it don't happen on my end.

    PS. I also hear people mentioned when starting the Red Asphalt mission, immediately skipping the cutscene will prevent the game from crashing. Not sure how true that is but it's something to try.
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