Saints Row 1 - Hardcore Edition (v 1.1)


Masochists welcome!
Have you ever played Saints Row 1 and thought to yourself "Man, I wish this already difficult game was more difficult"? No? Absolutely understandable, but I've made it regardless.

So... let's go through some of the differences, shall we?


See these? These will be your best friend in this mod.
Remember how your health tends to magically recover after standing in cover for a while? Not anymore. Health regen has been completely removed
(even for your homies!) which means food, weed and the friendly ambulance driver will be a neccesity.


Guns put a lot more hurting on you, too. The weapon statistics have been changed, so you take the same amount of damage as NPCs take from you! Fair and balanced.


So, if the danger is exponentially greater in this mod, why not just run away yet? You can of course, but not for long. Your sprint length has been reduced to the much lower limit of the game's multiplayer mode. I've even ported over that your stamina reduces from jumping! Better get that stamina up with the spray tags.

And then there's some more minor changes, so enjoy a quick lightning round!
(Because I cannot be bothered to try and find a icon from the game's files that fit them!)

- More cops/gang members spawn from notoriety
- Aim assist has been removed
- The glow around items dropped onto the floor has been removed
- All of the cheats in the game have been removed
- Enemies drop a lot less ammo when killed
- Magazine sizes have been changed to be in line with their real life counter parts (for example, 32 rounds in the T3K rather than 50)
- Maximum ammo reserve has been decreased
- The money penalty from dying or being arrested has been increased
- You can now only hold either a pistol or a SMG in your inventory, not both, the same counts for shotguns and rifles


Now, I've went on about all the things that are more difficult in this mod. But I've decided to throw the player two
minor bones in this mod.


First of,
infinite respect! Just do an action that would give you small respect boosts like killing a enemy gang member and watch your respect go to 99x, no need for activities! Although, you might still want to do them for the benefits their rewards give you.

(Tip: Do insurance fraud first, it gives you damage resistances as rewards.)


And second of all, as a man who's completed the hitman activity in Saints Row 1, it sucks! It's not even difficult, it's just boring and tedious. Hence why I've decided to give any maniacs who play this mod for longer than 5 minutes a little reward!
Each gang storyline gives you the hitman weapons as a reward now, instead of completing hitman for them!

And that's about everything I've thought of so far! "Enjoy"!

1) Place the files included in the zip folder of the mod into the "usermod" folder in your Phantasy Row installation.
2) Use the bat file to generate the mod, be sure to deselect the Phantasy Row Base Mods, as they may or may not conflict with this mod.
3) Go to MY_CUSTOM_PATCH, and put all of the files from there into your Saints Row folder.
4) Open up the PhantasyRow.xex with either Xenia, or whichever dashboard you use on your Xbox 360, and enjoy the game! You should see if you installed it correctly from the main menu, as the logo has been changed.

I recommend making a new save file for this mod, it hasn't been playtested a lot yet so I am unsure if it could cause any issues with already existing save files.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Update 1.1!
Since this mod has surprisingly garnered some attention, here's a little update to make it even more difficult! I am a kind soul, as you can see.

Reduced weapon slots!
Now, pistols and SMGs have been put into the same weapon category, meaning you can only hold one pistol or one SMG at a time. The same has been done with rifles and shotguns.
Big up to @Razor Vermillion for showing me how to do it

Hitman Story Unlocks Only!
Since @arentyoumaria requested it, there's a folder included in this update that has only the files for unlocking the hitman weapons through the mainline story. Simply compile only those.

"Minimal Hud" compatability
The mod "Minimal Hud" by @Razor Vermillion combined with this mod makes your Saints Row 1 experience even more difficult. Due to both of our mods including the same file however, it would cause a few minor graphical issues should you only pick one of them. Therefore I have included a file that includes both of the mods' content, making them fully compatible. Simply replace the included file with the one from Razor's mod, and it should work.

This is NOT the full mod, the download is merely the file you have to replace from the original download.


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