Saints Row 1 Characters Rides

This mod consists of adding some custom cars from the first game. You can buy them here:

Can restore:
- Lin's (Voxel)
- Joseph Price's (Attrazione)
- Dex's (Raycaster)
- Julius's (Zenith)
- Tobia's (NRG V8)
- Mr.Wong's (Justice)
- Aisha's (Zomkah)
- Donnie's (Quasar)
- Ben King's (Mag)
- Tanya's (Status Quo)

Cant restore:
- Joseph Price's (Goliath)
- Johnny's (Venom)
- Laura's (Hannibal)
- Warren's (Rattler)
- Luz's (Eiswolf's rims)
- Angelo's (Gunslinger)
- Zombie Lin's (Reaper's decals and rims)

How to install:
Just drop the files in "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE", build the patch and paste the files in your main Sr2

Known issue: If you are going to use any mod that adds or changes parts/colors for vehicles, the game will pretty sure crash. Best solutions for that is to delete ALL your current vehicles from your garage (including helicopters and airplanes) before installing this mod or start a new game.

Credits to:
-IdolNinja with GOTR
-Rick and Minimaul for gibbed Tools


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