I love roaming Steelport with all my favorite Homies, I love it even more when someone calls me up for an impromptu Survival.

But two things suck about these.

A: Cooldown timers
After dismissing a Homie, I can't call them up for what feels like way too long.
After completing a Survival, they won't call again for what feels like way too long.

B: No Story Structure
As I can call any Homie up for any Survival, and the Survivals are randomly selected with chance of repeats, there's no continuity or relevance to a specific plot.

So I was wondering if the Survivals could be turned into several Mini-Story Arcs with specific Homies as active followers for specific Missions. These Survival Missions would be accessible from the Phone, and replayable like the DLC Missions.

Morningstar Arc: (Downtown)
Sunset Park:
Homies: Pierce, Shaundi, CheapyD

Henry Steel Mills: (Image As Designed)
Homies: Pierce, Oleg, Viola

Loren Square:
Homies: Pierce, Josh, Burt

Henry Steel Mills: (Pickpocket Pawn Shop)
Homies: Pierce, Tag, Aisha

Police Arc: (East Side)
Camano Place:
Homies: Kwilanna, Shaundi, CheapyD

Wesley Cutter Intl:
Homies: Kwilanna, Oleg, Viola

Loren Square:
Homies: Kwilanna, Tag, Aisha

Morningstar Arc: (New Colvin)
Camano Place:
Homies: Zimos, Shaundi, CheapyD

Rosen Oaks: (Gang Operation)
Homies: Zimos, Oleg, Viola

Rosen Oaks: (Friendly Fire)
Homies: Zimos, Tag, Aisha

Deckers Arc:
Ashwood: (Nobody Loves Me)

Homies: Kinzie, Shaundi, CheapyD

Ashwood: (Rim Jobs)
Homies: Kinzie, Oleg, Viola

Burns Hill:
Homies: Kinzie, Josh, Burt

Homies: Kinzie, Tag, Aisha

Police Arc: (West Side)

Homies: Kwilanna, Shaundi, CheapyD

Homies: Kwilanna, Oleg, Viola

Homies: Kwilanna, Josh, Burt

Homies: Kwilanna, Tag, Aisha

Luchadores Arc:
Loren Square:

Homies: Angel, Shaundi, CheapyD

Homies: Angel, Oleg, Viola

Arapice Island:
Homies: Angel, Josh, Burt

Port Pryor:
Homies: Angel, Tag, Aisha

The Grove:
Homies: Angel, Nyte, Gat

Bonus Arc:
Espina: (Bikers)

Homies: Zimos, Kinzie, Angel

New Baranec: (Mascots)
Homies: Tiger, Kitten, Panda

Arapice Island: (Zombies)
Homies: Gat, Pierce, Shaundi
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