Character Customization Rings

Also, there is a chance to make not only the rings, but all the jews have the platinum color like in Sr1. The tricky part is that i need to find all the chains and piercings (which is not a big deal) in the files and make it possible for the game dont crash with GOTR files.
Well, after a while... i tryed again to add the slots of the rings, failing in the process. For some reason when the game loads it crashes and im not sure why, all i know is those files contais all information about the rings: "CustCAT.xtbl" "customization_categories.xtbl" "customization_items.xtbl" "customization_slots.xtbl" and "customization_stores.xtbl". Probably the crash is caused due the name of the option when you are about to buy the ring. (Example: Right Middle Finguer appears as an option when you buy a type of Ring.) Since i have no clue how to add them. amd perhaps that the issue.

I will publish the files here in case someone wants to try out and make this mod reality. You will need to use the Table Tool "Kinzie's Toy Box" if you want to know more detailed about the rings and the rest.. (


  • CustCAT.xtbl
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  • customization_categories.xtbl
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  • customization_items.xtbl
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  • customization_slots.xtbl
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  • customization_stores.xtbl
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