Character Customization Rings

I'm not sure anyone has asked about this. Anyway I didn't find anything on the forum
So, some characters wear rings on the middle finger and little finger, but they aren't in stores
I found them in the "customization_items" file, but I don't know how to enable them. Could you help me please
Not sure if this is very useful, but here perhaps can be the finguer thing..

Edit: you can find each ring line and perhaps change the finguer to wear it.
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So the rings youre talking about are from the sons of samedi, im not exactly sure if theyres a slot for the pinky and middle finger but it may be possible to add them
After taking a long enough break I decided to return to this topic
Here is the entire list of unused rings that I found in the file:

I tried to do something having no experience and all I got was a crash of the game at 80% loading
Too if it helps I added them to the "customization_stores" file I don't know why. It didn't give me anything anyway :)
Have wondered about this before too after I noticed Shaundi wears thick ring 2 on her little finger.

I thought about maybe altering some of the premade outfits in customization_outfits.xtbl in GotR to include a specific ring as a kind of workaround but never got around to playing around with that.