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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [GoSP] Jon, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    This mod disables all angular damping on all of the cars. I have also made some tweaks to the Vortex in particular to make it handle better.

    Angular damping tries to limit how much a car can pitch, roll or rotate. This mod disables this system, allowing cars to drive in much less of an arcadey on-rails way and also allows cars to flip and rotate in all their glory when they are hit.

    To install you can place them all in the root folder, or insert them into GoSP using the Modders_put_your_personal_mods_here folder.

    This will likely conflict with other handling mods if they affect the _veh files (which should be all of them)

    0.9: Lowered Vortex, made springs stiffer and reduced tire friction
    1.0 (release): Set angular damping on all vehicles to 0, with a few exceptions (heavier cars have very slight damping)
    1.1: Fixed the Blade not being included

    NOTE: Shitface made a little addon for this mod that fixes most of the issues with vans and SUVs. You can get it on page 3 of this thread. I'll add it to the OP eventually, if that's cool with you, shitface.

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  2. ele


    Definitely checking this one out.
  3. I recently redownloaded GoSP, and it didn't seem to have that folder :/ and I don't wanna put all those files in the root because it'll make a huge mess.
    Is the new equivalent of that folder the "1-MY_EXTRA_MODS" Folder in the "optional_mod_stuff"?
  4. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    It should be. Try it.
  5. Well I tried multiple ways, like putting them in their own folder, and also dumping the files into the folder itself, neither of them worked, I also tried putting them in their own folder along with their file type. But it still didn't show up in the GoSP menus.. :C
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    It doesn't work that way. It just builds those extra mods into the patch. It doesn't change the menus at all.
  7. Oohh Okay, Thnx for the info ^-^
  8. Angular whatnow? Wikipedia threw so many weird looking formulas at me they knocked me to the floor and stole my wallet...

    What's angular damping? Or maybe more helpfully (to me), what is the effect of your changes?
  9. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    Edited first post
  10. Oh gawd, this mod makes it so much more entertaining to ram people off the edges of bridges :D Just watching them flip into the water like in that one cutscene. (Oh trust me, you know that cutscene. And I obviously don't since I've forgotten.)
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