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  1. Now all I need to do is change Donnie to Kilbane lol.

    Note: This is a replacement mod for Shaundi, Because she sucks in SR3. SR4 really redeemed her character but that topic is a slight tangent.

    What does this mod contain?:
    -Lin(duh) in a new outfit with a re-textured face and body
    -Edited UI Images and language string files
    -Removed her dodgy eyelashes (see wiki) and fixed the mismatched hair colours(see wiki)


    No, it's not perfect, Arif S. Ketchum and Daniel Dae Kim weren't answering my calls unfortuantley to re-record their lines so she's still going to be called Shaundi by the other Saints. For any Lin fans out there, enjoy! Please let me know if there's any issues/something I've missed, just not SaintsBook, I can't fix that as of yet or the space suit.

    Instillation readme included.

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  2. Admixon

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  3. F13


    Why is it in Mod Releases when there's no mod released?
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  4. cool. when can i download it?
  5. There was a mod released, it was removed because there was no readme file included, which is fair play, but I was tired and it just flat out didn't cross my mind.

    Anyway the last version was kind of crap if I'm honest, so I redid it from scratch and I'm much happier with the result.

    Whenver you're ready lol.
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  6. Woohoo!

    Are you doing the same for SRIV or not?
  7. THANKS!!!!!!
  8. Where the hell did she came from? Was Lin in SRIV or you dragged her outta SR1 ??
  9. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Her model is in SRIV's files
  10. SR4 as stated, with a little artistic licence. There is quite a few unused models, such as Mr. Akuji, who looks nothing like Mr. Akuji and Aisha.
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