Replacing NPCs with SR4 models

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  1. Hi! I'm going to show you how to swap Mayor Reynolds with Donnie as per another members request, to hopefully help more people along the way as well.

    First of all visit these links to download these two tool sets for SR3 and SR4 respectivley:

    And an ASM updater:
    Put this in your SR3 steam folder - Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

    Extract these using your programme of choice (I use 7-zip) and move these into new seperate folders on your desktop

    Now you want to browse your to SR3 base folder (I recomend you keep a backup of both games vanilla files on desktop)

    From here go click on PC/Packfiles/cache

    You'll see a bunch of VPP folders; this is where the tools come in handy. Drag and drop the characters.vpp folder onto unpack.vpp in gibbed tools, this will extract the folder for you to browse. type Reynolds into the search bar in windows explorer you'll now see two str2 files: saints_male_reynolds and saints_male_reynolds_high, copy these to your desktop. You now want to follow these same steps for Donnie using Thomas.Jepp.SaintsRow.Extract packfile however Donnie has two different models for SR4 one being his Dominatrix DLC super outfit donnies the other, donnieirl, is him in dirty work clothes, we're going to use the Donnie super attire.

    Take the Reynolds.STR2 files and drag them onto unpackSTR2 this will create two new folders, now do the same for the Donnie.STR2 only use Thomas.Jepp.SaintsRow.Extract packfile from earlier.

    This is the super fun part, you now want to simply change the names of the Donnie files to whatever the names are in the reynolds files like so:

    Do the same for the other folder RENAME BUT NOT COPY THE SIM_PC FILE in the other folder, copy this to desktop (it is a preload.rig file):

    Once you have done this take the Reynolds files to Gibbed tools and drag them onto .PackSTR2 in your Gibbed tools folder then delete the .PACKED suffix at the end of the STR2 files now made and place them in your SR3 Steam folder.

    Ok done yet? Fuck no. Copy character_containers.asm from charcters.vpp into your base folder and use the ASM_updater folder from earlier, double click on the after ADDITION batch file which will update for you.

    ARE WE DONE YET?!?!? No, I'm afraid not, that SIM_PC file needs to be added to the game. So we'll have to extract preload.rigs from the cache folder, using UnpackVPP in Gibbed tools, make a fresh copy of this to desktop and drop your reynolds.sim_pc file in there, then simply repack using PackVPP, deleting the .packed suffix as before and placing back into the base games cache folder.

    When I said this process was labourious many months ago, I wasn't kidding....

    Would anyone like to take this further with UI icons, string files, retexturing?
  2. Do I Take The Whole Folder To Pack THe Str2 OR Just The Files In It

    Moderator edit:
    Also The Sr4 Character That Im Replacing Phillipe With Does Not Come With A Sim_pc File
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  3. The entire folder.

    [QUOTE=" Moderator edit:
    Also The Sr4 Character That Im Replacing Phillipe With Does Not Come With A Sim_pc File

    Well you can skip this and have it work still it's just things like say, a ponytail, will be static. It's a bit of trial and error in some instances, unfortunatley.

    For example brotherhood gang npc male has a ponytail, i replaced a biker npc with him without using the SIM.pc file, the ponytail was static as a result, however it didn't look that bad.
  4. I do everything according to your instructions, but the textures immediately disappear in the game. Replaced Kinzie with President Kinzie.
    Help me, please!
  5. They appear but change back? Try copying all the files from saints_female_kinzieprez and saints_female_kinsieprez_high again over the SR3 files. From what I understand one is high resolution and the other is low res (to save gpu memory from a distance) so if you've copied the files incorrectly in one folder for example the textures will disappear/ revert back to normal.
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