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  1. Minimaul

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    If you've extracted a str2_pc file and made changes, you will need to repack it before you can see your changes in game.

    To repack a str2_pc file, follow this guide!

    You will need:
    1. My Saints Row IV tools:
    2. Files to repack - these should be in their own folder with no other files
    3. The appropriate asm_pc file for your str2_pc file.
    4. A folder to place the finished files in. I called mine "output".
    To repack your str2_pc file and update the asm_pc file, follow the following steps:
    1. Download the latest attached file from the Saints Row IV tools thread, and extract it using your favourite extractor. I recommend 7-zip.

      You should now have a list of files like the following:
      View attachment 3434

    2. Run the ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.BuildPackfileGUI.exe program.
      The following window should pop up:

    3. We will first select the files we want to pack - click the Browse button next to Source files. A window will pop up allowing you to pick the folder containing your source files:
      In my example, my source files are at D:\Gaming\Saints Row 4\modded\cell_cheats.str2_pc.
      Select your folder and click OK.

    4. The asm_pc file for my example is "vint_doc_containers.asm_pc". Look up the appropriate asm_pc file for your str2_pc file and copy it to your "output" folder. Now click the Browse button next to Update asm_pc file?. A file browser will pop up:
      Browse to your asm_pc file and select it. Then click Open.

    5. Your main Packfile Builder window should now look something like this:
      When you are ready, click the Build button.

    6. A save window will pop up asking where you want to save your new str2_pc file to:
      It is important that you get the file name correct - it should be exactly the same as the original str2_pc file - if you do not then the builder will be unable to update the asm_pc file correctly.

      When you are ready, click Save.

    7. Most str2_pc files will build in a matter of seconds. You may see some progress messages flash up but once finished you should see a window like the following:
      Your str2_pc file has been built successfully and should now be in the folder where you saved it.

      My output folder now looks like this:

    8. Copy your new str2_pc file and your updated asm_pc file to your Saints Row IV folder - the folder containing SaintsRowIV.exe - and start the game - you're done!
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  2. I'm doing something wrong. I keep getting a message "Couldn't find a container called (name) in the selected asm_pc file!"
  3. That would imply you're using the wrong asm_pc file for the str2_pc file you're repacking. Each asm_pc file only references a specific set of files, so the trick is to find which is the one you want for the str2_pc file you have.
  4. Hey does anyone know where I can find the the charactors voice files, like for dialogue and stuff?
  5. Great tuto Minimaul! Extremely usefull!
    The only thing i think is missing, is an explanation or ''add-on'' to your tools, is a way to update 2 ASMs when repacking a packfile..
    Other then that, reallly great tuto and tools! Great job ;)
  6. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Can you give me an example of when you need to do so? What packfile are you repacking that needs this?
  7. Hi oh-Great-Minimaul and thanks for the reply!
    Well, two exemples comes to my mind, like:
    -the one for the billboards, 0914.asm + stream_grid.asm
    -and for the guns, item_containers.asm+main_streaming_weapons.asm (packfile is smg_small_gold.str2_pc)

    for the billboards i'm okay since i've used the BillboardsTexturesToolkit, but i'm struggling with the guns..i made some textures for a smg, but in game it wont appear..some people said i need to update 2 asm for this one,.. Rasta said to use stream2update but i'm not sure of the procedure and order..
  8. Minimaul, do you know if this tool has any conflict with cloned items for the workshop? I keeo getting the "Couldn't find a container called (name) in the selected asm_pc file!" even tho im using the correct asm_pc
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  9. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    Are you 100% sure you didn't mess something up in the files? I don't have any problems using this tool with workshop items.
  10. I got this problem too, as I understand packing tool sometimes doesn't like folder name where unpacked files are laid.
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