Removed Hair Restrictions

Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by kibaistheman, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Updated: 10/27/2012
    I went back and remade a clean version from the base extracted SR3 files. It no longer disables the censor bar. I include a few options, choose the one you prefer( all included in the base .rar)

    -This removes the restrictions on hair and clothing allowing you wear hairstyles and accessories with hats and tops that were previously restricted

    -There are four options for what you would like unrestricted:
    -Unrestricted Hair:
    *only removes restrictions on hairs with hats
    -Unrestricted Hair+Bra
    *removes restrictions on hairs while wearing hats & allows Bras to be seen under shirts (clipping may occur)
    -Unrestricted Hair+Bra+Underwear
    *removes restrictions on hairs while wearing hats & allows Bras to be seen under shirts & allows underwear to be seen under pants and skirts (where meshes allow)
    -Unrestricted All
    * includes all of the changes in Hair+Bra+Underwear in addition to all other unblocked changes i made(e.g. eyewear, headwear, etc.)
    -Place this file in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third folder and enjoy :D

    -Not fulled tested
    -Does not include DLC items
    -There is a lot of clipping with certain styles and hats(duh)

    -Kibaistheman- changes to the .xtbl
    -Axesomething- posting the method for removing the flags

    Attached Files:

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  2. Good work!;)
  3. might it be possible to remove more of the flags so that I can wear, say, a wrestling mask with a hoodie on (and up) and a bandana over my mouth?
  4. yea I'm looking into those too, they should be in the same .xtbl but I will have to see
  5. great to hear! I feel like removing these restrictions would make it feel more like SR2 in some ways. It wouldn't be layering, but it would be better than what we have now!
  6. so i can wear a police hat with pink hair and look like poison? YES
  7. @munchengohan
    I don't think you can get the police hat as its own item, its attached to the whole suit. please someone let me know if I am wrong though.
    @War Raichu
    In my next version you will be able to wear masks with the hoods on hoodies and coats up, they count as hats so you can't get a baseball cap in there with them :(
  8. The long hair (Egyptian Princess) acts weird with the Cowboy hat. Also I noted that the mod eliminates the censorship (for those who don't have the nude mod) but its not really nude it looks like a naked barbie doll.

    This is a highly potential mod needs improvements, some hats look weird and others fit properly.
  9. great to hear! Although personally I don't care about the baseball hat, I just want to be able to wear the mask with the hoodie!

    it's going to look weird because the game wasn't really programmed with those clothing combinations in mind. All this mod does is remove the restrictions. While there are a few combinations that should look fine, most of them never will
  10. Hello.

    Is this mod still going further? Because it looks very tempting, I would love to see it to be 100% complete.

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